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 Hi Frends

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PostSubject: Hi Frends   Tue 19 Dec - 13:44

Hello all

I have just found your website great

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very thanks
Konrad Schrader
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PostSubject: Body Building   Tue 16 Jan - 0:40

Hi everybody. Can somebody give me an advice? I'm a body builder, and now I want to buy a Bowflex home gym here: BowflexHomeGymEquipment. Anybody uses such machine? Is it good not only for fitness but for body building also?
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PostSubject: I have a problem with my card   Tue 16 Jan - 15:29

Greetings to everybody. Can somebody give me an avice about how to eliminate credit card debt? My friend gave me a few links, here they are: eliminate credit card debt, eliminate debt, eliminating credit card debt legally.
Maybe you could give me some more links? Thank you very much.
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PostSubject: iPodNano   Thu 18 Jan - 21:02

Hello everybody! I want to purchase Apple iPod nano...
Can somebody help me to choose the best model? Thank you Smile
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PostSubject: A question about VoIP   Sat 20 Jan - 8:17

Greetings! Does anybody use vonage phone service? Is it as cheap as the advertisement says? Is it better than usual phone? I often call my sister in Canada, and spend lots of money on these calls. Please give me some advice, maybe it would be better for me to use VoIP?
Thank you.
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PostSubject: JiffyLube   Sat 20 Jan - 23:33

Hello! Somebody here (I don't remember the name of the topic) looked for the info about JiffyLube and JiffyLube coupons.. I've found something important about this.
I'm glad if this information would help you Smile
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PostSubject: Where to find manual?   Sun 21 Jan - 7:53

Hi everybody! My husband bought a great sony bravia LCD TV, but he lost manual! Please tell me where can I find one.
Thank you very much!
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PostSubject: Just a question   Tue 23 Jan - 8:04

Hi, does anybody know something about hoodia diet liquid...? I've heard It's not effective at all...but I'm not sure about this.
I need any information. Thanks! Smile
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PostSubject: Flowers   Sun 4 Feb - 5:33

Hello, I'm going to merry a girl from another country (former USSR), and now I want to send her flowers. I need a flower shop that can arrange a delivery..Here are some links, please pelp me to choose from..
FTD flowers
flowers online
online flower shop
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PostSubject: Tip for MLM'ers   Wed 21 Feb - 6:02

If you are an 'er[/url], keep your lead generating methods separate from your promotions. In other words, it is perfectly legal to promote an opportunity any way you want to as long as you don't tie this directly with a company[/url].
That means that you can write your own advertisements, etc. and generate all kinds of
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PostSubject: Re: Hi Frends   

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Hi Frends
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